Visual Studio 2012 XML Designer View NullReferenceException

Solution: Install latest updates for Visual Studio 2010 I just started on Windows Phone 8 application development and had bit of a trouble setting up my Visual Studio 2012 environment to work with the XAML Designer view. As per the guides I had Visual Studio 2012 and i installed Windows Phone 8 SDK. Then created a new WP project. Then Visual Studio loaded with a error on the XAML designer view. “An Unhandled Exception has occurred System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Microsoft.Expression.DesignHost.Isolation.Remorting.STAMarshaler.Wait… ” XamlDesigner Error I googled about this but couldn’t find any proper solution for it. Some has mentioned to repair the Visual Studio installation and then to repair SDK. But it didn’t work. So i tried with Visual Studio update, At the moment the Update 3 is the latest. I installed the updates and tried to load the project and it worked as a charm. Hope this will help some one.


Visual Studio 2012 project templates for SharePoint 2013…!

With the new release of SharePoint 2013 Preview now seems like all SharePoint enthusiastic developers are spending a lot time on investigating the features and capabilities of new version. With the same interest I started to write some Apps for SharePoint 2013 but before start couldn’t find the correct templates in Visual Studio 2012 (RC). So this is how to enable those templates on VS 2012.

Navigate to Microsoft Office Apps web site ( and go to the Tools section and download the tools from there.

The direct link to download the tools pack is (

After successful installation of the tool pack, you will see the new templates in VS 2012.



Happy Coding SharePoint 2013 Smile