Feature Stapling…

What is feature stapling?

While doing SharePoint development, almost all cases I used to create my own Site Definitions. So what ever features to be activated, page instance to be created, was very easily defined in the onet.xml. But once I had a requirement to use a OOB site definition for one of my project. But when I create a site using the given OOB template I had to activate some OOB features also. To achieve that requirement I had to copy the existing site definition and create my own one, with the above feature activated by default. But that was not the best solution for the problem. Actually it was a worse solution ever Smile.

So while searching through internet, I found there is a cool built-in feature in SharePoint to do this. It’s called almighty “Feature Stapling”.
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Create SharePoint page instance from a Feature…

Hi all,

Ever needed to create bunch of SharePoint pages with some  content embedded on it? (About us page with some static content inside a rich text field, Contact us page, with a web part embedded on the page?)

I had a requirement like that for a particular project. I had to create a page instance to hold a custom web part, that was created to get user feedback. Also this page instance should be instantiated with a separate feature. So how to handle this requirement.
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