Visual Studio 2012 XML Designer View NullReferenceException

Solution: Install latest updates for Visual Studio 2010 I just started on Windows Phone 8 application development and had bit of a trouble setting up my Visual Studio 2012 environment to work with the XAML Designer view. As per the guides I had Visual Studio 2012 and i installed Windows Phone 8 SDK. Then created a new WP project. Then Visual Studio loaded with a error on the XAML designer view. “An Unhandled Exception has occurred System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Microsoft.Expression.DesignHost.Isolation.Remorting.STAMarshaler.Wait… ” XamlDesigner Error I googled about this but couldn’t find any proper solution for it. Some has mentioned to repair the Visual Studio installation and then to repair SDK. But it didn’t work. So i tried with Visual Studio update, At the moment the Update 3 is the latest. I installed the updates and tried to load the project and it worked as a charm. Hope this will help some one.


8 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2012 XML Designer View NullReferenceException

  1. Hey i am trying to make an application for windows phone 7 and i have installed visual studio 2010 windows phone express edition. The application has to have a database runing behind it. I read somewhere that windows phone cannot directly communicate with the sql server so i have to make a WCF service but my visual studio does not show me any option to make an application with WCF. Can you tell me anything regarding that?

      • i am installing vs2012 professional in my windows 7 64 bit.i am solve lot of issues final i am struck with these error fast 4 days on wards i am sit these error . now also i am try to fix.but it is not resolved. I am seen same issues in your blog for i am posting please give me replay ASAP.

      • If you have not already done can you please go to Windows Updates and install all the latest updates related to Visual Studio 2012? and see will that resolve the issue?

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